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Scalable and Flexible

Using the WP Shop Cart plugin, you can control all of your available products, descriptions, images, prices, discounts, and more!


24/7 Communication Support

WP Shop Cart can communicate with your customers when they place an order, when the product is pending confirmation, and/or when you have shipped the products in the mail. All this can happen 24/7 around the clock! In other words, this part of your customer service will never close, thanks to the WP Shop Cart plugin!

Instant Download!

If you have digital products, WP Shop Cart can help you fulfill automatically via an instant digital product delivery feature. This means, you can sell your digital products and let WP Shop Cart manage the delivery of your digital products 24/7. After payment is received, product delivery is processed with encrypted download link(s) for each digital product purchased in the one communication.

Money Back Guarantee

We will pay you back 100% within 30 days of purchase if you are not completely satisfied. We also offer service customization and ongoing support services.